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“Manscaping” now available!

I’m not sure if we’re headed more towards Weird Al or the Flaming Lips with this one, but we’re happy to report we’ve got a new EP titled, Manscaping, now available! It features our (almost) hit tune “Manscaping” along with 7 remixes by our closest colleagues, friends and enemies.



Pregnant Pause»

Avenpitch live on Monday Night Live (2009)

As Heard In

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3»

Avenpitch’s track “Desperado” appeared in the trailer for the new video game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at the 2012 EVOlution Expo in Las Vegas.


Perfect Porridge»

Interview with Perfect Porridge (November 2009).


Cast Off Reviews»

All known reviews of the “Cast Off” album.


AP Happenings»

Gesh, long time no speak… Nevertheless, I hope the world and life in general has been treating you well. I keep threatening to use this blog feature, but I never do… in other words, I hope this post will keep you satisfied for the next two years!